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John Entwisle's legacy: To serve historians and staff memories for a long time to come

I am so sad to see the news about John via this morning. My condolences to the archives team and John's family.

John and I joined Reuters at about the same time and bumped into each other a few times over the years. He was always friendly and helpful and showed interest in all the diverse aspects of Reuters life, the commercial side as well as the editorial.

A couple of times I was really grateful when he helped me to get copies of "A Dispatch from Reuters" so that we could show the movie to staff who hadn't seen it before - the first time to keep 180 volunteers amused while we made them wait in the depths of Docklands Tech centre to test the CME GLOBEX futures trading system in 2002; and the second time when we gathered the Hauppauge development centre staff at a Long Island cinema for a team building day.

He also came along to a couple of photo-shoots when we were getting brochures made for the old UK Sales unit.

And then, just this month he rapidly pinpointed the 1993 Reuters World article about the old Reuters car club. His knowledge was encyclopaedic and surely his legacy will be serving historians and staff memories for a long time to come. I am glad to have known him. ■