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To CP, a founder of the feasts - Chapeau!

With a farewell bow, I doff my "Himalayan headgear" to late colleague Chris Peterson after a packed career… Chapeau! He was a tough, capable journo, always good for a laugh and, yes okay, possessor of a certain degree of guile, probably an asset in dealing with his last employers, the Chinese. I recall him mostly from the World Desk overnights, a guerrilla-type force tolerant of some eccentricity. Chris, then a portly, well nourished figure, was not one to trifle with mere snacks and so he and the late Allan Reditt proved to be masters of logistics in rustling up substantial meals from London's often-obscure pre-dawn restaurants. They cheered up the troops. Surely worth a small citation in the annals of the Baron. RIP. ■