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Why I'm proud to be working for Reuters

I am really proud to be working for Reuters, after 22 years of covering everything from high stress OPEC meetings to conflict in places like Mosul and Kabul. My bosses encourage me to do my very best, and they are doing their very best to help remove the stigma and taboo that has prevented mentally ill people from seeking help. We just struck a deal, whereby I give them direct access to my shrink to make sure I am managing my bipolar condition, and am mentally fit before heading off to war zones. This is a breakthrough for an industry which has for the most part ignored conditions like PTSD and left mentally-scarred correspondents to fend for themselves in very difficult and risky conditions. STOP THE STIGMA AND REACH OUT TO YOUR EMPLOYERS FOR HELP.

Michael Georgy, Reuters' special correspondent in the Middle East, posted this on his Facebook page. It is reproduced here with his permission. ■