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All the nicest guys are going!

After Lionel Walsh, now Rick Norsworthy

Why are the good guys going first?

Does this mean that only the bastards are left?

I had the privilege of working for the Baron for 32 years and nearly everyone I met was qualified, often talented, and sometimes brilliant (shades of “Huge” - Hugh that is - Pain who died among the youngest).

Most of the others were nice and pleasant to work with. A minority should have been worked over by a shrink.

But a small number, including Lionel and Rick, were among the nicest people I met in my life.

I had the pleasure of working for/with Rick at Country Reports in 1989-1990 (the time of the fall of Communism) when we would get requests from the Desk along the lines of “Where on earth is Timisoara and is there anything to say about it?” (Wikipedia did not yet exist).

Working with Rick was an absolute pleasure because he was incredibly nice - and had a great sense of humour.

The small team at Country Reports included such other fun-loving characters as Steve Pagani (where on earth is, he today?) and we had a great time laughing together. I seem to remember that we also played softball together some Sundays at Regent's Park.

Poor Rick, like Lionel Walsh, did not have easy days at the end.

I for one will never forget them.

And let’s all have a kind thought for Mary. ■