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Book reviews

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How I started as the poor bastard answering the phone in the Reuters office

Tuesday 4 April 2017

ROBIN LUSTIG - Is Anything Happening? My Life as a Newsman - Biteback Publishing - 2017

A bold author's broad sweep of the history of freedom

Friday 11 November 2016

MARCUS FERRAR - The Fight for Freedom - Crux Publishing - 2016

A love affair with the Riviera

Thursday 27 October 2016

MICHAEL NELSON - The French Riviera: A History - Matador - 2016

'Riveting' book lifts lid on Reuters' tales

JOHN JESSOP - Tales from the South Pier - Athena Press - 2008

Battles, bottles and bastards

WS RAYNER & WW O'SHAUGHNESSY - How Botha and Smuts Conquered German South West: A Full Report of the Campaign from Official information by Reuter's Special War Correspondents who accompanied the Forces sent by the Government of the Union of South Africa - Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent - 1916

Germany in its agony: a very personal story

MARCUS FERRAR - A Foot in Both Camps: A German Past for Better and for Worse - LBLA Digital - 2012

Jon Henderson hits a winner at Wimbledon

JON HENDERSON - The Last Champion: The Life of Fred Perry - Yellow Jersey Press - 2009

Vivid pictures and 'a rattling good story'

JOHN CHADWICK - Snapshots: A Reporter's Life - Athena Press - 2009

Tough life with the Partisans before Reuters

JOHN EARLE - From Nile to Danube: A Wartime Memoir - Mladika - 2010

Contending with God's gift to journalists

JONATHAN FENBY - The General: Charles de Gaulle and the France He Saved - Simon & Schuster - 2010

Making the best of it - Anthony Grey's China ordeal in the 'raw'

ANTHONY GREY - The Hostage Handbook: The Secret Diary of a Two-Year Ordeal in China - Tagman Press - 2009

From Fleet Street to Berlin, a first rate reporter's story

PETER MILLAR - 1989 The Berlin Wall: My Part in its Downfall - Arcadia Books - 2009

On being 'hired hacks of the Western bourgeoisie'

JOHN MILLER - All Them Cornfields and Ballet in the Evening - Hodgson Press - 2010

In at the birth of a revolution, and the story of Castro's revenge

MICHAEL NELSON - Castro and Stockmaster: A Life in Reuters - Matador - 2011

Justifiably great acclaim for account of life in the occupation

ALAN RIDING - And the Show Went On: Cultural Life in Nazi-Occupied Paris - Alfred A. Knopf - 2010

Enthusiasm, determination and an element of luck

GILBERT SEDBON - From the Nile to the Seine: The lifelong story of a reporter in wars, revolutions and peacetime - LMB Lovemore Books - 2010

A courageous book about love blighted by disease

JOHN SUCHET - My Bonnie: How Dementia Stole the Love of My Life - HarperCollins - 2010

Mao, Elvis and Muhammed Ali - Reuters was there

NICHOLAS MOORE & SIDNEY WEILAND, Editors - Frontlines: snapshots of history - Pearson Education - 2001

Fame at 24 - in a D-Day ditch

DOON CAMPBELL - Magic Mistress: Thirty years with Reuters - A memoir - 1998, republished as Magic Mistress: A 30-year affair with Reuters - Tagman Press - 2000

'Bible' for journalists dedicated to eight killed in combat zones

IAN MACDOWALL - Reuters Handbook for Journalists - Butterworth Heinemann - 1992