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Assange backstory backfire - celebrating a defeat?

Excuse me, but am I missing something? The backstory on Assange’s arrest implies that we missed THE photo of his being led out of the Ecuadorean embassy looking 10 times older than his own grandfather, while Reuters had to do with a later photo of him leaving the police station.

While not trying to minimise the shoe-leather work of the father and son photo duo, nor the impact of the winking thumb-up Assange pix, wouldn’t that make us late with our first photo of Assange on arrest day, and wouldn’t being hauled out of the embassy be a more dramatic shot anyway?

So if I’m reading it right, hats off to the duo - but we’re issuing a backstory on an overall defeat.

If that is in fact the case, I wonder who’s responsible for this backstory idea, which seems to be trying to ape the New York Times daily page 2 item. Long-time editor-in-chief Stephen Adler, or newly enthroned president Michael Friedenberg? ■