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Barry May - a legend with a revolutionary website

In an early photo in the Reuters house magazine, moustachioed Barry May bore what I thought was a striking resemblance to the legendary Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. Barry became a legend himself after retirement when he created his revolutionary website, The Baron

Last year, before I learned he was ill, I shared an online piece with him about hospices.  He immediately asked if I was OK. I said my younger sister had passed away in a U.S. hospice.  “Sorry for your loss,” he said. “I’m not sure about hospices myself. If at all possible, and without over-burdening my family, I would prefer to spend my last days with them at home.” And so he did.

He was writing to me from Penang, Malaysia on his first foreign holiday since the Covid lockdown.  He came back in time for the Baron’s Bash which he had always attended.  He was at this year’s Bash for the last time.