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Lionel Walsh - Water feature

Lionel and I shared assignments for several years. Our first assignment together was covering the Economic Summit in Puerto Rico. We were both staying at a hotel outside San Juan and we both had incidents with water. On arrival I opened my suitcase on the floor of my room to remove some clothes when I received a phone call from Lionel inviting me to the hotel bar. I quickly joined him and, needless to say, we enjoyed the offerings of the bartender for a while. Some time later we both decided to return to our rooms to finish unpacking. Lionel levered himself off the bar stool, walked though the foyer straight into its water feature - a small fountain and pool - and with great dignity picked himself up and walked sloppily into the lift leaving a wet imprint of his shoes on the floor. I returned to my room to find the condensation from the air conditioner had soaked my clothes. ■