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Mary: the meticulous organiser and mother

Mary Norsworthy, the founder of the annual Baron’s Bash, was a meticulous organiser. She was also a devoted mother. When her son Adam, a blues rock musician, formed a band called The Mustangs and entered a contest in 2010, Mary emailed all her Reuter contacts to ask them to vote for him. “Please excuse my using this method to reach people, but... I am a mother,” she said.


After voting for The Mustangs, I Googled for a mother-of-the-year competition, hoping to enter Mary’s name. I was disappointed not to find any.


In the early years of the Baron’s Bash I sent Mary a cheque but missed the lunch because of other commitments. She wanted to return the cheque. I told her to give it to a worthy cause. She gave it to Barry May, the editor of The Baron. ■