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The mountain laboured and brought forth a mouse. The Aesop's fable is about a confabulation with a meagre outcome.


I thought the rescinding of Reuters bond with the British military is about the blandest disavowal yet seen from any idiocracy, minimalist, bare-boned and late.


Apologies? Nothing sighted. Sanctions for present or future wrongdoers? Don’t be silly.


A full-blooded response from the company and its trustees (those boobies) to this major catastrophe? Nothing to see here, folks, please move along.


Anything to explain how a couple of insular-minded pen-pushing bean counters could usurp the prestige, the authority, of the remnants of the world's top news agency? Afraid time is up here.


One is led back to the old classic song "Let's face the music and dance" for "there may be trouble ahead". Even more of the same, that is. ■

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