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Memories of David Mulhall

My strong recollection of and ties with David started in Hong Kong where I worked with him and others in expanding Reuters independent commercial and editorial operations in numerous Asian countries, the Indian subcontinent and Australia and New Zealand.


I specifically remember the wonderful times and dinner parties we had with David and Jenny at their place in Deep Water Bay (Hong Kong).


David’s return to London in his role in as market manager bonds was mitigated.


He was outspoken on the impeding danger of a small niche market player called Bloomberg successfully attacking Reuters business.


Surfing on our successes as a publicly listed company on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, from 1984 onwards we thought of ourselves, it seems, invincible and not willing to listen to such early advance warning signals.


David could have been a precision engineer. Whatever he touched he got to the ins and outs and bottom of things.


He and his accomplished actress wife Jenny were great, charming and highly cultured interior designers and entertainers.


David could rustle up the best of fresh homemade pastas such spaghetti al pesto, or a chilli con carne.


He was an audiophile extraordinaire: enthusiastic, knowledgable and near obsessive about high-fidelity sound reproduction.


Through the use of email and WhatsApp, David and I continued to share and double our pleasure as regards to discovering and listening to music in general.


His knowledge and taste of music was truly eclectic. Of the various sources or styles we discussed and exchanged, many of them revolved around music of his native Argentina such as Atahualpa Yupanqui, Eduardo Falú, Astor Piazzolla and Jorge Cardoso, classical guitarist, composer.


For the rest of this year and my remaining life I will listen and play with pleasure the music that David and I shared.

And, think of him and Jenny. ■