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Reuters under Mao remembered

Reuters people posted to China may be interested in a new book, Foreigners Under Mao, Western Lives in China 1949-1976, by Beverley Hooper and published by the Hong Kong University Press. The book has a well-researched and readable section on China-based correspondents and what it was like to report and live in Mao’s China. The Reuters correspondents quoted or mentioned, apart from myself, are in rough chronological order of their postings: David Chipp, Jack Gee, Ronald Farquhar, Adam Kellett-Long (who is pictured on the cover), Vergil Berger, Anthony Grey (whose two books on his hostage ordeal remain gripping reading), Jim Pringle, David Rogers and Peter Griffiths. Michael Rank, at that time a student in China before joining Reuters, is also acknowledged. ■