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Connecting the dots

More features have been added to The Baron as it begins its eighth year of connecting the dots of news and information about Reuters people past and present, the organisation they worked for, and its parent company.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Alerts are free. You can register to receive an alert sent to your e-mail inbox whenever The Baron is updated. Choose to be advised immediately, daily or weekly.
  • The price of Thomson Reuters shares traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange is displayed as well as those on the New York Stock Exchange. If you hold TRI shares, it's likely that they are traded in Toronto.
  • A technology section appears under Archives. A chronology of Reuters technical development from its inception in 1964 to 1990 has been compiled for The Baron by a senior executive who was at the centre of it all, Martin Davids. He has spent a year searching through archives and picking the brains of former colleagues before memories fade. A second instalment up to the early years of this century is in the works and will be added later.
  • An article on Reuters journalism training since the Second World War, complete with lists of names, has moved from Archives to People, where it is easier to find in its own sub-section.
  • A list of donors and Friends of The Baron, without whose help the site could not have been maintained, appears under People in a new sub-section titled Friends of The Baron.

It is only through voluntary donations that The Baron has been able to keep going over the past seven years and that improvements and enhancements have been possible. Thank you, colleagues, for your support.

Readership has spread around the world and increased steadily. Many readers are in the United Kingdom and the United States. Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India and Singapore also have large groups of regular followers.

Over the life of the site so far, the number of individual page views exceeds two million. The average number of daily page views is 1,500. On some days, it can reach 7,000.

You can help to ensure the continuation of The Baron as the only independent resource for topical and historical news and information about Reuters by registering as a Friend of The Baron. An annual subscription of £50 is suggested.

Do keep coming back to The Baron and if you have news to share, tell the editor. Connecting the dots continues. ■