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New website trumpets firsts and exclusives

Reuters has launched a new website to showcase news firsts and exclusives. Reuters Firsts promotes market-moving coverage where Reuters was first or alone with the story.

The collection of winning coverage is organised by topic and geography. Highlights include:

  • Categorisation of first and exclusive summaries by asset class and region
  • Extensive archive that offers the ability to search past wins by date, region and country
  • Ability to print and e-mail a first or exclusive summary to share with clients and colleagues.

Key facts on coverage as well as a timeline of major wins over the last decade are also available.

The site includes statistics on Reuters coverage including more than 9,400 market-moving firsts and exclusives each year.

“Reporting on more asset classes and news genres than any other media organization, Reuters journalists aim to connect the dots on the stories that matter most to financial and media professionals around the globe," it says. Output is over:

  • 2.5 million unique news stories a year
  • 855,000 alerts per year
  • 1,700 picture images per day
  • 52,000 video stories per year.

Reuters overall total message volume has risen nearly 35 per cent over the past four years. Value is added to news coverage with

  • 5,000 polls a year covering economic indicators, interest rate moves, stocks, bonds, currency, commodities markets, FX rates and asset allocation plans by fund managers
  • 6,000 analyses a year covering companies, industry sectors, market trends, political risk and financial industry developments
  • Expert columns which provide context and opinion on key areas such as commodities and energy, macroeconomics, technology, European policy, emerging markets and M&A.

More than 51 million people visit Reuters web sites each month.

Reuters scores over 18,000 interviews a year with CEOs, central bankers, finance ministers, and politicians.


Reuters Firsts


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