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Mark Wood to head health and fitness TV station

Mark Wood, former Reuters editor-in-chief, is to become chairman of a pan-European satellite TV station dedicated to health and fitness, The Sunday Times reported.

Wood, editor-in-chief from 1989 to 2000, moves to Body in Balance, which began in 2006 as Alfra, a German television company. Alfra merged with its main programme supplier, Fiton TV, in 2007 to former Body in Balance. Its programmes focus on disciplines including pilates and yoga.

Wood joined Reuters in 1976 and was a correspondent in Vienna, East Berlin, Moscow and Bonn. In 2000 he took charge of Reuters’ strategic media investments and alliances. After Reuters he was chief executive of Independent Television News from 2003 and also its chairman from 1998. He left ITN earlier this year. ■

The Sunday Times