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Thomson Reuters New York shares cross critical 50-day moving average

Thomson Reuters shares traded in New York have crossed above the critical 50-day moving average of $36.51.

The location of a stock price when analyzed against the moving average can aid in predicting future short term momentum, the website Market Intellisearch reported. Trading activity for the shares may indicate that TRI may head higher assuming that the moving average continues upward direction. The volume of shares exchanging hands is less than average daily volume of 1,236,350 of shares. 

Other relevant figures to examine are the support and resistance levels for TRI. Thomson Reuters settled at $36.61 $0.61 (+1.69%), based on the pivot points, the current support and resistance levels are $36.15 and $36.99 respectively. If the resistance point price is broken in an upward movement, then the bullish trend is likely to continue and vice versa. ■

Market Intellisearch