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Focus on emerging markets in Reuters media shake-up

Reuters is re-organising its media marketing and sales structure to place greater emphasis on emerging markets and new areas of growth in a "challenging and dynamic media environment". In place of the existing three regional sales teams there will be four. Some sales staff are leaving the company.

Steven Schwartz, global managing director of Reuters News Agency, pictured, said in a message to staff on Tuesday: “To help drive more focus on the opportunities in all of our markets, we are moving from a sales structure of three regional sales teams (Americas, EMEA, Asia) to one with four regional sales teams: Americas; Middle East, Africa and Russia; Asia; and Europe.”

As part of these changes:

  • Samir Sabbah will lead the Middle East, Africa and Russia media sales organisation, which will include Turkey. “We have huge growth opportunities in these regions, which we can only realize with strong, dedicated leadership and increased focus,” Schwartz said.
  • Jo Schmaltz, Asia sales chief, will lead the Europe sales organisation and will also lead the development of a sales training programme – “the first time we’ve had a dedicated focus on this important area”, Schwartz said.
  • A new head of sales for Asia will be recruited in early 2014. Until then, Schmaltz will continue to manage Asia.
  • Anita Tobias will continue to lead the Americas sales team.

Schwartz said “a small number of employees are leaving our organization. Those who are leaving the organization have been notified.”

He added: “As with all business decisions, there are a number of drivers behind the sales restructure and the other changes we’re making. First and foremost, they position us for success by ensuring we have the right level of talent, skills and investment in key areas. They also give us a structure that enables us to maintain our core business while simultaneously exploiting new markets and growth areas. And in a challenging and dynamic media environment, they help us to continue to organically grow the business with smart and necessary cost management discipline.”  

The new sales structure is due to take effect on 1 February 2014. ■