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Two contest Reuters Pension Fund trustee election

Two candidates are contesting a member-nominated place on the trustee board of Reuters Pension Fund. They are Barry May and Geoffrey Sanderson.

May, a former deputy managing editor of Reuters, is the founder, editor and publisher of The Baron. Sanderson was formerly managing director, Reuters securities transaction services. Both are pensioner members of the Fund.

The election follows completion of May’s four-year term as a member-nominated trustee director. Three of the Fund’s seven trustees – Tim Castle, Maureen Laurie and May – are chosen by members. The other four – James Hardman, Greg Meekings (chairman), Graeme Ramsey and Martin Vickery – are appointed by Thomson Reuters.

RPF members can vote for their preferred candidate by post or by using a website provided by Electoral Reform Services. Ballot papers are due to be dispatched to members and the voting website activated on 25 November. The ballot will close at 5:00 pm on 18 December. ■

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