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Thomson family's wealth up 30% in a year

The net worth of Canada's Thomson family, majority owners of Thomson Reuters, leaped 30 per cent over the past year to C$26.1 billion, securing yet again their position as the country's richest by a wide margin.

The Toronto-based family has long topped the list of Canada’s wealthiest people. A year ago, their fortune was estimated at C$20.1 billion. The family is headed by David Thomson, pictured, who is chairman of Thomson Reuters and also of his family’s investment company Woodbridge through which it runs its business interests.

Double-digit growth also boosted the net worth of Canada’s next richest family the Westons, who control a grocery business, up 24 per cent to C$10.4 billion from C$8.2 billion last year.

The figures were estimated by Canadian Business magazine. ■

The Globe and Mail