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Those we lost in 2016

The following Reuters people died in 2016. If you know of someone who has died but is not listed please inform the editor.

Raja Asghar, 77, former journalist in Pakistan.

Barry Barnett, 77, former computer engineer.

Terry Bochatey, 66, chief photographer in the United States.

Lee Casey, 78, former managing director for North America.

Rory Channing, 65, former journalist.

Ronald Cooper, 91, former editor and editorial manager.

Graham Crickett, 70, former international assignments manager.

Jim Forrester, 89, former overnight editor.

Jonathan Gould, 53, correspondent in Frankfurt.

William Hardy, 56, sub-editor in London.

Peter Jackson, 90, former correspondent.

Joe Marquette, 79, former news photographer.

Gordon Martin, 88, former correspondent.

Chris Meyers, 28, video journalist in Tokyo.

Carl Mollins, 84, journalist on the London Nordesk during the late 1950s.

Peter Mosley, 79, former correspondent, editor and editorial manager.

Juda Ngwenya, photographer in South Africa.

Allan Reditt, 80, former journalist.

Max Siebenmann, 81, former salesman and manager.

John Stephens, 80, former deputy managing director.

Brian Tracey, former editor of

Nicholas Turner, 81, former Saigon bureau chief.

George Vine, 97, former journalist.

Peter Wade, 89, former journalist.

Trevor Wood, 76, former journalist. ■