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US union says it has tentative contract deal with Reuters

After more than three years of negotiations, the NewsGuild of New York's bargaining committee and Reuters management have reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year collective bargaining agreement.

The deal was announced in an e-mail to members of the Guild, which represents journalists in the United States, two days after they began a work-to-rule action.

Contract talks had stalled on the issue of annual cost-of-living increases, with the company offering one to 1.5 per cent.

The terms of the deal include a guaranteed minimum raise of 2.25 per cent in the first year and two per cent in the following two years for all members. A portion of those increases will come from a general wage increase. The Guild’s e-mail said its negotiating team, with the strong support of members across the country, fought hard to win that.

The balance of the guaranteed increase will come from the company’s merit pool. The remainder of the pool will be distributed among members each year based on the existing performance evaluation system, as is current practice.

The deal also increases parental leave for both parents of 12 paid weeks, up from the current six, “and preserves members’ current robust health care coverage.

“In addition, the agreement includes the reinstatement of higher pay for weekend shifts, six years after they were eliminated in our previous contract. Differentials for overnight hours, standby hours hours and deputising will also rise,” the Guild added. ■

The NewGuild of New York