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Reuters first AI presenter modelled on sports editor

Reuters has created a virtual sports presenter using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and video footage of a real journalist.

The AI presenter reads out match summaries in a video, using Reuters photography and reports. No scripting, editing or production is required.

Reuters says the prototype, built in partnership with AI-video firm Synthesia, is the world’s first automated presenter-led video sports report.

The AI presenter is modelled on global sports editor Ossian Shine (photo), who said: “It was a fascinating project to be involved in, but at the same time so surreal to see a character that looks and sounds just like you speaking phrases and sentences at someone, or something, else’s command.”

Nick Cohen, global head of product for core news services, said: “Reuters has long been at the forefront of exploring the potential of new technologies to deliver news and information.

“This kind of prototyping is helping us to understand how AI and synthetic media can be combined with our real-time feeds of photography and reporting to create whole new kinds of products and services.”

The prototype is intended as a proof of concept, showing the potential for real-time news services using AI, Reuters has said.

It already uses data feeds from matches and AI technology to automatically generate captioned match summary videos for use on social media and other platforms. ■