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Refinitiv's new normal - hybrid working

Refinitiv is fully embracing flexible working and has no plans to shift away from a hybrid working model, says chief executive David Craig (photo).

Even if a vaccine for COVID-19 is created and widely distributed, he doesn’t see a future where employees are always required to be in the office.


Refinitiv has roughly 18,500 staff serving more than 40,000 companies across 190 countries. 


“It’s not going back to normal because attitudes have changed,” Craig told Business Insider. “Our people are basically saying to us, ‘Please, don’t ask us to go back full time in the office. We don’t want to do that. But also please make an environment available for us where we can meet and collaborate, because we need that too.'”


Since the shift to remote work, productivity on core operational areas is up 20-30%, he said.


“When it comes to technology development, we’ve had the biggest year, that I can remember, of new product releases and enhancements by our tech team. We’ve had the highest throughput quality metrics on our content enhancements and content,” Craig said.


“There has been a sharp increase in productivity. Maybe it is down to avoiding the three-hour commute from Connecticut to Manhattan, or into Bangalore or through London.” ■

Business Insider