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Private Eye publishes more criticism of Reuters

The British satirical magazine Private Eye has published criticism of cost cutting at Reuters for the second time this month, saying it had left the agency exposed on big stories.

The Eye, which is published fortnightly, ran the article under the headline Reuters Revolt, following a piece headed Rotten Reuters in its previous edition.


It said: “Few tears were shed when John Pullman, global head of visuals, left Reuters on 31 December,” alleging he had a reputation as a hatchet man.


The magazine said he had led a cost-cutting drive that got rid of “many talented, highly experienced - and thus expensive - photographers and video journalists.”


The article added that Pullman had set up offices in Poland and Mexico where journalists on local wages took over jobs formerly done in London.


Private Eye said freelance TV producers had suffered in particular from the drive to cut costs, because their shift rates were frozen. This was covered in the previous edition of the magazine.


The Eye added that Thomson Reuters had reported higher-than-expected profits at the end of 2023. ■

Private Eye