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Pension Review Group

The Pension Review Group was formed in 2004 by retired Reuters staff concerned about the performance of the two UK pension funds and how this affects the future of their pensions.


  • To provide a forum for members and pensioners of Reuters Pension Fund (RPF) and the Supplementary Pension Scheme (SPS) for the exchange of views and opinions on the development and management of RPF and SPS.
  • To keep under review the management of both Funds by the Trustees.
  • To ensure that the Company meets both its financial and moral obligations to members and pensioners of the Funds.
  • To seek the re-introduction of discretionary pension increases.
  • To monitor the actions of the Trustees and Company against the Reuters Trust Principles.
  • To send comments collectively and individually on RPF and SPS to the Trustees and Company.
  • To exchange views, opinions and information with other groups, bodies and regulatory organisations on specific and general pensions issues.
  • To seek meetings with the Managing Committee, Trustees and the Company as and when considered necessary.

Pension Review Group ■