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Donald Nordberg on governance dilemmas at time of takeover

Donald Nordberg has completed a PhD in management studies at the University of Liverpool, with a thesis concerning corporate governance. One of the chapters analyses the governance dilemmas at both Reuters and Dow Jones at the time of their respective takeovers by Thomson and News Corp. The final chapter includes a personal reflection on the narrowing divisions between journalism and social science research.

Since leaving Reuters in 1997 as head of production planning, Reuters Financial Television, he has worked as a consultant and as strategy director of a webcasting business later acquired by Thomson. A full-time academic since 2005, Nordberg is senior lecturer in strategy at Westminster Business School and visiting professor of journalism at City University, London. His book, Corporate Governance: Principles and Issues, was published by Sage in 2011 ( He says his academic writing, which appears in journals ranging from Review of Political Economy to Business History and Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, “will probably guarantee perpetual obscurity”. ■