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Blue Heron Research seeks journalist researchers in Europe, China and Japan

We are looking for very motivated, very persistent journalists who have a good understanding of corporations and are excellent interviewers to join a business intelligence firm that is expanding in Europe with freelancers and full-time hires. We are also looking for freelance researchers in China and Japan.

We are Blue Heron Research Partners, a research firm founded 10 years ago by journalists who have found a niche in investment intelligence. Several Reuters alums now work at Blue Heron - Adrian Dickson, Maryellen Barker, Paul Mindus, Marcel Michelson and Tiziana Barghini - and they like our Reuters background. One of our project managers, Tomas Martin, has relocated to Florence, Italy from New York, and is leading our expansion in Europe. Asia projects are run by Adrian from New York.

We do custom research for institutional investors, using old-fashioned shoe leather and journalistic initiatives. The primary role for researchers is to connect to sources who can provide first-hand perspectives about the subject of a project - very often management teams at public or private companies. We want to understand what influences their decision-making, their personalities as executives, how they manage up and down, how they handle adversity, and their prospects for growth. We talk to former colleagues, competitors, customers and other relevant sources.

The job usually starts out on a freelance basis to give researchers a chance to see how Blue Heron operates and to assess the interest, curiosity and tenacity of freelancers to succeed in obtaining and carrying out high quality interviews. Those who do not do well in this environment typically do not display initiative or may be easily dissuaded from the "pleasant persistence" sometimes required to obtain an interview.

Freelancers are paid per completed interview. Once hired full time, Blue Heron pays a competitive base salary, along with a substantial quarterly bonus based on the number of calls completed. In addition, the company has standard benefits, including health insurance, vacation time, and US 401k retirement programmes.

Blue Heron's office is in New York, but researchers can work from their home and collaborate online. Expertise in a particular industry is very helpful, as well as a background in a particular region of the world and language skills. But most important is a drive and willingness to chase after sources and dig deep into the subject matter on calls.

The website is and the principal contact is David Rynecki at and of course, I'm happy to answer any questions through my contact, ■