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John Chadwick - Nordic nerdery

Like many colleagues of his generation John Chadwick had the kind of CV that money couldn't buy. With experience came wisdom, and I often profited from his counsel.


Among John's extensive postings were Bonn, Stockholm and Copenhagen. For a while in the 1970s our career paths overlapped in Germany, whereas several years previously he preceded me in Sweden. We only really got to know each other when permanently relocated to London. 


When we propped the bar at The Punch Tavern in Fleet Street, we loved yarning about our German and Swedish experiences. In retirement, at the annual pensioners' lunches, we continued swapping views on latest political, social and economic developments in our former postings. In particular we enjoyed mutual Nordic nerdery, perhaps because we both retained family connections in Stockholm. And also because no-one else in London editorial gave two hoots for Scandinavia.


John was always in good form, always informative and always eager to share his professional judgement. Reuters certainly benefitted from his presence … and also, of course, from the contributions of many others of his generation. ■