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Monique Villa: Seeking justice for Nazanin

I am very surprised by the poorly researched article of Michael Reilly who uses Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to rubbish Thomson Reuters without having even checked with me, her employer and someone who has been heavily and very publicly involved since 800 days in seeking justice on her behalf.

I want to clarify that there is a distinction between the Foundation I run, and for which Nazanin worked, and Thomson Reuters, the corporation. The Foundation is a separate legal entity registered in the UK and the US and I run it independently.

Nevertheless, to say that David Thomson and Thomson Reuters senior staff have “ignored” the situation is not right and could have been easily checked. I’m also surprised that M. Reilly seems to have no knowledge of what I, as Nazanin’s employer, have said publicly and on many television and radio on her behalf.

I have been in daily contact with her husband Richard and we have been together at so many meetings at the Foreign Office, with my lawyers and many other organisations that support the campaign for her release.

You can check on our website all our releases here. ■