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One of David Mulhall's best deals

He had gone off to lunch with a bunch of bond salesmen while he was building the Eurobond service. Always sartorially elegant, his suit was much admired. An above market offer was made (terms were immediate delivery), negotiated and eventually (it was a long lunch) accepted. In a side deal David rented a dubious pair of greasy waiter’s trousers in which he happily returned to Shoe Lane. Profit made on the suit and lunch paid for by the clients. Result.


When I joined the marvellously eclectic UK Sales team the outgoing manager, Alan Jackson (AWAJ), was talking me through the cast of characters, why he wouldn’t have employed me and how to play the sitar. He told me that he had “let David go” after his probationary period, I can’t remember why, but David just kept coming to the office and carrying on until AWAJ gave up. Respect.


DMM was a kind, stubborn, complex person who fought his cruel MND with humour and spirit. ■