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Service speak

Congratulations to Steve Addison for his marathon spell for the Baron (in the various incarnations he has seen in that time). "White coats" and "Black coats" - almost forgotten but the spirit of Dave Matthew lives on! Along with those other great creations - “the Wallis Collection” and “Where are they now" (born of the first editorial culls of about 1987 when the likes of Trevor Wood and Ron Thomson were sent on their way).


"Service speak" - of which the late Alan Thomas was such a master - with such joys as "utmosting" and "onwarding soonest". The deathly "Naturally standing by your story, but...", basically translated as “what the bloody hell have you done now” after a major client had just rung to deny a story that had tanked their shares or (prevalent in Africa) when a government minister had threatened to close down your bureau for another Western press lie about an atrocity (the latter guaranteed to send Gubby Guebelian apoplectic). ■