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Wrexham first, Gdynia next maybe

I am a Refinitiv employee from Gdynia. The situation in the office today, since everyone was talking about the Wrexham issue, was kind of tense, chaotic I might say. I could perfectly state that not even our team leader, or people from management were expecting the Wrexham news. They arranged quick meetings to reassure us that we are not going to close, but that they will cut a lot of personnel from Gdynia. They are hiring a lot of people, but they are not taking care of the good talent and such people that were really focused and committed to their role. They are leaving en masse to Amazon, State Street and other companies located in Gdynia, where the currency (the zloty) is far from being competitive with the euro, moving everything to other places like Bangalore and Manila.

We are dealing with very low personnel, and they keep pressuring us with results and giving the corporate bullshit in meetings about everything going right. Like flight assistants trying to calm the passengers when the plane has one engine malfunctioning.

All I can say is that the office is getting emptier and emptier, and the mood is very low and pessimistic. And we sympathise with the guys from Wrexham. They were really nice at the Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering jobs.

Sorry if this is too long, it was a very harsh and stressful day at the office, as you can imagine. ■