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Do more video work, editors tell Reuters reporters

Journalists at Reuters, where about 140 editorial jobs are being cut worldwide, have been told to do more video work on "important and visually compelling" stories.

A joint memo by managing editor Paul Ingrassia and Dan Colarusso, newly-appointed director of Reuters Digital, referred to Reuters CEO Andrew Rashbass’s plans to increase the agency’s video presence on the web and on other platforms and devices through a new consumer TV initiative.

“Of course the talents of our camera people, producers and video editors remain critical to our visual storytelling effort, but in order to keep up in our ever-changing, faster than ever mobile news world we need your help, too. The skills of our text journalists and the breadth of their coverage give us a significant competitive advantage, and an even better one if we deploy these capabilities. So help from you is essential, both for this effort and for the evolution of Reuters as a contemporary news operation,” they said.

“With that in mind, you may be called upon to appear in and contribute to the production of videos connected to stories you are covering.”

This could mean appearing on camera, on the telephone or on Skype, or using smart phones to shoot interviews with CEOs, investors and politicians. “We don’t expect polished or flawless performances, just you speaking clearly about a particular story, and highlighting the context, perspective, players or numbers that make it worth covering.”

They added: “Right now, we do these things on an ad hoc basis. Going forward, senior video producers will start to seek you out on stories they believe are important and visually compelling.” ■