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New US union chief at Reuters quits after two days

Two days after his election as chairman of the union bargaining unit at Reuters in the United States was announced, Washington reporter Pedro da Costa, pictured, told colleagues on Wednesday he is leaving the company.

Da Costa, who covered economics and the Federal Reserve Board, said in an e-mail: “I will miss and always cherish the place and people that turned me from a just a kid trying to make it New York City into a journalist who can say he spent nearly 13 years at one of the coolest, most unique news organizations in the world” (sic).

He gave no explanation for his sudden departure. On Monday, The Newspaper Guild of New York which represents about 400 people at Reuters announced that Da Costa had been elected chairman of its Reuters bargaining unit. His term of office was to have run from 1 November 2013 to 31 October 2016.

Other members of the Guild unit elected alongside Da Costa issued a brief statement that said: “As you likely just heard, our newly-elected unit chair Pedro DaCosta (sic) has decided on his own accord to leave the company after nearly 13 years of service. We’ll have more details in the coming days about how we fill the vacancy. In the meantime rest assured that we, your unit council, remain ready with the Guild’s assistance to carry on our mission of working hard for our membership.” ■

The Newspaper Guild of New York