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Journalists ratify new US union contract at Thomson Reuters

Journalists at Thomson Reuters ratified a new three-year NewsGuild of New York contract covering roughly 400 reporters, producers and other staff.

Thomson Reuters’ unionised employees will receive a salary increase of 2.25 per cent effective 1 January.

Additionally, they will receive a two per cent general wage increase in each subsequent year of the contract, along with the annual distribution of the company’s discretionary increases.

The final figures were much higher than management’s initial offer of no raise, the Guild noted. But it took three years of tough negotiating to get there.

“Though this was a very difficult process, I’m pleased with the end result. We were able to move management from no guaranteed wage increases to three years of guaranteed wage increases,” said Dan Grebler, Reuters desk editor and the Guild unit chair.

“We insisted throughout this fight that ‘we’re worth more’ and this contract reflects management’s recognition of that,” he said.

The Guild was also able to expand and strengthen its parental leave package - increasing it to 12 weeks of paid parental leave compared with six weeks in the previous contract. The deal also preserves the union’s existing health care plan.

Thomson Reuters also agreed to compensate Guild members with extra pay for shifts and hours beyond the normal work week including being on standby, as well as for overnight and weekend shifts, the union said.

“Our members have fought very hard, and participated in countless actions, for a contract that they deserved three years ago,” said NewsGuild of New York president Grant Glickson.

“Let this agreement be an example of what happens when media professionals come together to fight for a necessary contract,” he added.

The contract will remain in effect until December 2020​. ■

New York Daily News