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Those we lost in 2017

The following Reuters people died in 2017. If you know of someone who has passed away but is not listed please inform the editor.

Dame Helen Alexander, 60, chairman of Thomson Reuters Founders Share Company.

Arnold Amber, 77, a Canadian journalist who had worked for Reuters as a correspondent in Africa and Europe.

Allan Barker, 83, a former Reuters correspondent and editor.

Terry Blunsum, 87, a former Reuters journalist in the Middle East and London.

Alexander Chancellor, 77, a former Reuters correspondent and editor.

Charlotte Cooper, 50, Reuters editorial training manager in London.

Rupert Cornwell, 71, a former Reuters correspondent.

John Entwisle, 65, Reuters archivist.

Ron Halden, Reuters senior librarian, Newsbank.

Elizabeth Hornung (née Day), 66, a former secretary with Reuters Economic Services.

Paul Iredale, 66, a former correspondent.

Enrique Jara, 77, former manager, Latin America and the Caribbean, and managing director, Reuters Television.

Alex McCallum, 76, former Reuters journalist in London, Brussels and New York.

David McIlfatrick, 51, formerly with Reuters news technology group.

John Morrison, 68, a former Reuters correspondent.

Seah Chiang Nee, 76, a former Reuters correspondent in Singapore and Saigon.

Chris Peterson, 70, a former Reuters journalist.

Reg Potterton, 81, a former Reuters correspondent.

Michael Rank, a former Reuters journalist.

Raj Kumar Ray, 45, formerly a business journalist in Reuters’ New Delhi bureau.

Bruce Russell, 88, a former correspondent.

James Saft, a Reuters financial columnist in the United States.

Audrey Scarff, director, Digital Channels, Thomson Reuters.

Ian Stewart, 88, a former correspondent in Asia.

Thomas Tague, former global head of product and services, Thomson Reuters.

Bob (Robert) Taylor, 77, a former Reuters correspondent in Brussels.

Susan Zeidler, 58, a former Reuters journalist in the United States. ■