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Sponsored content 'supports Reuters journalism'

Revenues generated through commercial activities like sponsored content help support Reuters journalism, the news agency said after a staff member questioned a contribution by the Thai ministry of foreign affairs.

A Reuters statement to The Baron said Reuters Plus produces branded content for external clients and operates independently of Reuters News. All Reuters Plus content on is clearly labelled to differentiate it from editorial content.

“In this case, the content is identified as being produced by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the top of each article, alongside a more detailed explanation of how the content was created at the foot of each page. The revenues generated through commercial activities like this help support Reuters journalism,” it said.

The article is headed Turning The Tide.

A Reuters employee who asked that his name not be disclosed said: “It is branded with the Reuters logo" and it “is demeaning to our journalism and marks a worrying new way to seek advertising income”. ■