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Reuters cuts support for website

Reuters is reducing support for its Internet shop window, consumer website Development teams in China and the United States have been told their jobs will go at the end of this year, according to a Reuters insider.

Among those affected are the development and quality assurance teams in Beijing along with most US support staff, the staff member said. They were told last week. Beijing staff develop new code for the website and its 16 regional and local language variants, and fix bugs. Quality assurance staff test new code for bugs before it is released to the site.

The intention is understood to be to continue operating the site but with fewer support staff.

A Reuters spokesperson told The Baron: “In looking to provide our customers the highest value, we continuously push ourselves to review how we operate in order to enhance the quality of our consumer offering. We are confident that the changes we are making will increase our efficiency and enhance our digital products - including - and ensure we are serving our audiences’ and customers’ needs.”

The spokesperson did not say how many people were affected or whether the site will be supported in-house or by third party contractors. ■