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Those we lost in 2018

The following Reuters people died in 2018. If you know of someone who has passed away but is not listed please inform the editor.

John Adams, 67, part of the team that built the original Reuter Monitor screen-based foreign exchange retrieval system.

Brian Bain, 79, a Reuters journalist for 37 years until his retirement in 2001.

Christiane Cowell, 73, former senior editorial assistant of Reuters in Bonn and Berlin.

Cyril "Cy" Fox, 86, former chief sub-editor on Reuters London World Desk.

David Fritz, 61, former Reuters correspondent in London, Frankfurt and Brussels.

Cliff Graves, 67, former Reuters engineering specialist in London.

Elizabeth Hawley, 94, who reported for Reuters from Nepal from 1962 to 2008, largely on mountaineer expeditions.

John Hopper, 84, formerly Reuters facilities manager in London.

Bruce Jenkins, 56, a Reuters operations manager who worked on editorial systems in the United States.

Richard Lormand, 56, an entertainment news specialist in New York in the 1980s.

Charles Mitchelmore, 80, an editor on the North Americas desk of Reuters in London in the 1960s.

Giancarlo Orlando, formerly Reuters Vienna-based business manager for Eastern Europe.

Donald Read, 88, formerly Reuters company historian and author of its official history, The Power of News.

Joanna Roughton, 55, former head of Reuters TV for Asia.

Maurice Quaintance, 86, a Reuters journalist in London, Singapore and Washington from 1963 to 1980.

Peter Seymour, formerly a chief sub-editor on the London World Desk.

Gaby Sommer, 58, formerly a Reuters photographer in Germany.

Gerry Suckley, 84, Reuters Economic Services editor in South Africa from the mid-1960s to the late 1980s.

Ram Suresh, 74, a former Reuters journalist in India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, UK and US.

Christine Tierney, 60, a former Reuters correspondent in Canada, Mexico and France in the 1990s.

Elizabeth de Mauny Wainwright née Bower, 85, a Reuters journalist in the late 1950s.

Rachel Whittaker, 75, a former human resources manager in London.

Gerry Williams, 77, former personnel executive at Visnews and then Reuters. ■