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Two Reuters journalists injured, driver killed in Ukraine

Two Reuters journalists were injured and a driver was killed in Ukraine on Friday after the vehicle they were in came under fire.

Photographer Alexander Ermochenko (photo) and cameraman Pavel Klimov were travelling in a car provided by Russia-backed forces on the Russian-held part of the road between Sievierodonetsk, a small factory city in the east which Russia must capture to achieve its stated aim of holding all of Luhansk province, and the town of Rubizhne, 10 km to the north.


Reuters could not immediately establish the identity of the driver, who had been assigned to Reuters by the separatists for the reporting trip. 


Ermochenko and Klimov were taken to a hospital in Rubizhne where they received initial treatment, Ermochenko for a small shrapnel wound and Klimov for an arm fracture.


"Reuters extends its deepest sympathies to the family of the driver for their loss," a Reuters spokesperson said in a statement. ■