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Union seeks more members amid 'fraught' UK pay talks

The National Union of Journalists has embarked on a membership drive at Reuters during what it calls "fraught" UK pay negotiations.

“We need to boost our membership to have the power to prevent the company from imposing a paltry payrise, both now and in the future, and more generally, to be able to prevent them from riding roughshod over workers’ rights,” the union’s two in-house representatives told colleagues recently.


Co-Mothers of Chapel Maytaal Angel and Carolyn Cohn allege the company has flagrantly broken a formal pay agreement signed with the NUJ.


“According to the terms of the agreement, the company aims to benchmark pay rises to inflation. Despite a 50% increase in Reuters profits last year, and despite the pay agreement, they are offering an average rise of 3% - well below inflation of 10% last August (the agreed benchmark month), and well below average pay rises in our industry,” they said. ■