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Reuters journalists in Turkey call strike

Journalists in Reuters Turkish bureaux said they would strike on 10 May over the failure of pay negotiations with the company.

Staff demonstrated outside their offices in Istanbul and Ankara on Wednesday following the failure of collective bargaining between Reuters and the Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS).


“Reuters Turkey bureau members are determined to get what they deserve and will go on strike unless their demands are met,” a staffer who asked not to be identified told The Baron.


“Turkey has been experiencing a severe economic crisis for the last two years, even if the situation is not described in those terms. We are faced with an unpredictable market, with hikes in basic consumer goods almost every day and prices even doubling in a month.”


Inflation in Turkey is running at 50.51%, the Turkish Statistical Institute announced in March. An independent research group put the figure at 112.51%. Reuters has offered the journalists a 25% wage increase.


“Today, we declare not only our decision to strike but also our determination to strike,” the union said. “If our members do not receive a wage increase at the rate they deserve, and if we do not see a positive step from the Reuters employer to solve the problem, we announce publicly that we will start the strike action as of May 10.


“It is not enough to take pride in communicating the facts to the public; what is just is to recognise these facts in one’s approach to employees. As people who are in pursuit of the facts, we will never allow ourselves to be exempt from those facts. We will not give up until we get what we deserve,” it said.


PHOTO: Journalists demonstrate in front of Reuters Istanbul bureau ■