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Blue Heron is hiring researchers

Blue Heron Research Partners, where I've been working the past six years, is on the hunt for researchers to join our growing business intelligence team. Several former Reuters colleagues have found a home here - including Adrian Dickson, Maryellen Barker, Ciro Scotti, Stephanie Rogan and myself (photo). 


Blue Heron Research Partners was started 16 years ago by journalists who have found a niche in investment intelligence. We do custom research for institutional investors, using old-fashioned shoe leather and journalistic initiative. We opened a London office in 2018 to complement our New York headquarters, and despite the pandemic, our clients rely on us more than ever to provide qualitative due diligence about companies and senior executives.  


The primary role for researchers is to connect to sources who can provide first-hand perspectives. Very often the focus is management teams at public or private companies. We want to understand what influences the leaders’ decision-making, their personalities as executives, how they manage up and down, how they handle adversity, and their prospects for growth. We talk to former colleagues, competitors, customers and other relevant sources. We also do customer calls, typically to new or growing companies particularly in the technology or healthcare space. 


We are looking to hire:

  *   Tech researchers (AI, deep/machine learning, e-commerce... other B2B solutions background)
  *   Healthcare researchers (including telemedicine, exclusively US focused)
  *   Finance researcher
  *   Management due diligence researcher
  *   Generalists

All candidates should have experience conducting interviews. Experience typically would range from between 5-15 years. We're open to hiring in the US, UK and Europe, as well as Latin America. Expertise in a particular industry is very helpful, as well as a background in a particular region of the world or language skills. But most important is a drive and willingness to chase after sources and dig deep into the subject matter on calls.  

You can see links to some of our openings on LinkedIn. The principal contact is Jelena Petrovic Stafford, our director of researchers, at, and also feel free to contact me at or other former Reuters colleagues at Blue Heron. ■