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Hats off to the News-Decoder crew

A group of former Reuters editors who support an educational news service gathered in London recently to swap memories and look to the future. The get-together at The Frontline Club was organised by Nelson Graves, who worked in Reuters editorial from 1986 until 2010 and has founded the not-for-profit start-up called News-Decoder.

Most of the stalwarts who attended the event held senior news positions at Reuters and covered some of the world’s biggest stories over decades, and several of them are now contributors to News-Decoder.

From left to right in the photo, Rob Taggart, Stephen Somerville, Nick Kotch, Paul Radford, Nelson Graves, Jo Weir, Harvey Morris, Emma Bapt, John Mehaffey, Priyanka Mogul, Tony Winning, Malcolm Davidson, Fay Winning, Bob Hart, Barry Moody. ■