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Reuters sends web traffic data to editorial staff

Reuters has started telling editorial staff what stories are getting the most online readers.

The first daily traffic report on Tuesday from Leela de Kretser, managing editor of, reported: “We had an excellent day yesterday, particularly on mobile, where we had the 4th highest visitors ever to While bacon angst was a clear standout with nearly 300,000 views, we had a number of other high traffic stories yesterday. Please see attached for the Top 25. Great day! Yay!”

She gave the following statistics:

  • Desktop: +46% compared to same day a week ago, 842K visits, 1.36M views
  • Mobile: +76% compared to same day a week ago, 671K visits, 906K views
  • App: +15% compared to same day a week ago, ​535K visits, 721K views.

Monday's top five stories were:

  1. Processed meat can cause cancer, red meat probably can: WHO - by Gus Trompiz, 284,161 views, 19,516 shares
  2. Big quake in Afghanistan and Pakistan kills over 200 - by Krista Mahr and Jibran Ahmad, 145,349 views, 1,696 shares
  3. No joke: Guatemalan comedian wins presidency in landslide - by Alexandra Alper, 120,610 views, 1,354 shares
  4. U.S. Navy to send destroyer within 12 miles of Chinese islands - by Staff, 67,391 views, 3,557 shares
  5. Bail set at $1 million for Oklahoma woman charged with plowing into crowd - by Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton, 36,879 views, 580 shares.
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