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The Reuter Society

Claude Green

After his retirement as deputy CEO of Factiva, Reuters’ joint venture with Dow Jones, in 2007, Claude Green (photo) studied film-making “from script to screen” before attempting his first full-length feature as a director, The Doo Dah Man. The film, shot in Texas, is doing the rounds of film festivals in the United States and Europe and was shown at a meeting of the Society.

His next project is a collaboration with former Reuters colleagues Michael Hudson and Maureen Marlowe. It is about Dimitri Tiomkin who fled the Soviet Union in 1921 and eventually became an Oscar-winning composer of Hollywood film themes.

At an extraordinary general meeting before the screening, members approved a change to the Society’s rules to permit its accounts to be independently examined by a suitably qualified person rather than audited. The change follows the resignation of David Gordon, who has audited the accounts for many years. The new independent examiner is Tony Keating, who retired as manager, corporate projects in 2000. ■